Joshua C McMahon
Joshua C McMahon
Computer Technician
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I've been passionate about technology since childhood.


I've always been a curious individual; I started taking apart electronics as soon as I could hold a screwdriver. In 9th grade, I put together my first computer with $500 I saved up over many months. I've been solving annoying error messages for my grandmother, and replacing operating systems in sluggish systems for friends.

After graduating High School in 2008, I began helping clients around Key West with their computer issues such as setting up wireless printers, configuring routers, and removing malware. Since graduating from UCF in 2016, I've acquired several certifications in technology and would once again like to assist individuals with their computer needs.

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CompTIA A+ Certified

IT success stories start with CompTIA A+ certification. It validates understanding of the most common hardware and software technologies in business and certifies the skills necessary to support complex IT infrastructures. CompTIA A+ is a powerful credential that helps IT professionals worldwide ignite their IT career.

CompTIA Network+ Certified

CompTIA Network+ is a vendor neutral networking certification that is trusted around the world. It validates the essential knowledge and skills needed to confidently design, configure, manage and troubleshoot any wired and wireless networks. CompTIA Network+ certified individuals are in-demand worldwide.

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CompTIA Security+ Certified

CompTIA Security+ is the certification globally trusted to validate foundational, vendor-neutral IT security knowledge and skills. As a benchmark for best practices in IT security, this certification covers the essential principles for network security and risk management – making it an important stepping stone of an IT security career.


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How It Works

Appointments are booked in 2 hour blocks to allow for travel time, diagnoses, and resolution. I will tell you exactly how much the cost will be before doing any work.


  • Diagnosis - No Cost
    A diagnosis comes with no cost; I will explain the nature of the issue and the ways it can be resolved, as well as the prices involved.
  • Quick Cleanup - $20
    A cleanup involves disabling startup programs, improving computer startup time, and removing unnecessary registry entries.
  • Hardware Issues - $40 + Parts
    If your computer isn't starting, making a buzzing sound, or otherwise having issues with the components themselves, this'll fix it.
  • Software Issues - $60
    Bloatware or viruses, constant ads or random pop ups that just wont quit. 
  • Custom Requests - $80 Per Hour
    If you're looking for a variety of tasks to be completed, such as uninstalling software or



If you have any questions before booking an appointment, feel free to fill out this form and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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